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Creating a place where people can meet Jesus. 

The River Pakistan is an extended part of The River Church USA. We have two main locations: Lahore and Echogill. Between these campuses we are able to provide a safe place for Christians to worship Jesus, be transformed by the Word, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Countless healings and miracles have taken place over the years. One of the most beautiful of all these miracles is the one of family. This is a place where people can belong. 
Within the infrastructure of River Pakistan we are blessed to have started an orphanage caring for children who are either abandoned by their parents or parents who have passed. The children can grow up healthy, loved and with an education. We call it the care center. The care center provides food, clothing, education and a roof over their head. We also have an adult biblical education class called OTS. This takes believers into the foundations of the Word. 


Just like River USA, the presence of the Lord is the priority. We know that if Jesus is with us then there is nothing that can't be done. River Pakistan worships with a passion that shakes the entire region. Many have come to know Jesus as Lord because this place is pure gospel. 


River Pakistan provides food for our care center children, those that attend services and we also are able to feed dozens of families in the community who cannot provide food for themselves due to various circumstances. 


The people of Pakistan treat education with the upmost honor and respect. They highly value the word of God and work hard at memorization of scripture. Our adult OTS class is accredited in Pakistan and counts as educational credits. We have also been able to help our volunteer teachers become certified teachers according to Pakistan standards.  

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Your gift will go towards expanding the gospel of Jesus Christ in a nation where believers are shunned and persecuted for their faith. Your gift feeds children and families in their community. Your gift helps facilitate our orphanage, care center and schools. Thank you for giving to the Lord on behalf of The River Pakistan. Click on the 'GIVE' button below and look for the category "The River Pakistan".